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Baby with Toys

To help you and  your family  feed your baby comfortably and confidently. To see you  in a timely manner with realistic expectations for achieving feeding goals. Its possible that maybe the milk supply needs improving, maybe techniques need support, maybe you need additional support at home during this time. 

It might not be so easy but it will be worth it. Its individual for everyone.

So congratulations to  you and your baby for persevering this far.

Feeding problems can be  hard, but can be overcome. You may not need much help to get your feeding journey on track, with different positions and latching, to make it  more enjoyable and create wonderful memories of this special time.

I can support you with feeding only or assess and divide Tongueties at home aswell.

I see breast and bottlefed babies , mixed feeders, cup and sns support. 

Sometimes its about adjusting your latch or position and things become much easier. 

Sometimes its about supporting mum to rest enough and recover and eat and drink enough to help produce enough milk. Sometimes its something else. 

 Some babies respond more quickly,  others take a little longer. Each situation is unique. Each baby is special. 

I can help with  feeding techniques  to  support you/both  with your baby, making it enjoyable and sutainable. 

Latching, CHINS, different holds: rugby, cross cradle, laid back, laying down. Different bottles and techniques. hand expressing and pumping. 



I will wear gloves mask and apron/ clinical top for each visit.

Please would you with disinfectant  both wash  your hands and wipe areas that we use before and after my visit and open a couple of windows for ventilation. 

I have had both Covid  vaccines (12/20&3/21) and my booster shot (9/21, 12/22, 10/23)  and winter flu vaccine (10/2023).

I do a lateral flow test weekly

  If you are able to do the same and send the results before I visit, I'd be grateful. 

Thank you so much. 

Covid is nearly over but its still out there, so I'd rather be safe for us all. 

baby car seats


Contact me via phone, email or WhatsApp to find a mutually convenient  time for a phone consultation and home visit for you.
Generally responses and appointments 9-5pm. I am as  flexible as i can be, to accomodate your need,  when possible.

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