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I'm incredibly grateful to Jackie. Her expertise and care changed our life. The tongue tie procedure was flawless, and the improvement in my quality of life has been remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie's services. TSG&MG 9.23 Harrow

Testimonial below- thank you so much for all your help. It’s been such a support.

Jackie was extremely knowledgable, helpful & friendly which made us feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the experience. She spent the best part of 2 hours helping us and practising new techniques. She was patient, direct and open to our needs. Jackie also gave us referrals and exercises to do which have proved useful, and if we have any doubts, she is on the other end of the phone. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Jackie. T&RF St Albans 9.23

Jackie was recommended to us as someone who is able to assist with both tongue ties and advising on feeding. She lived up to our expectations and from the moment I had my first phone call with her she was supportive and attentive to our situation. Jackie was very responsive and promptly visited us to give a detailed range of advice about our newborn daughter which was invaluable and has been of great help in our feeding journey with our baby. She has made us feel at ease through the process and continues to offer support. I would recommend Jackie to anyone seeking support feeding their newborn. IO& JR 8.23 Walthamstow

Jackie has been an amazing help to us. She gave us so much support with latching, bottle finding and winding and really helped build up our confidence. Jackie also did a very thorough assessment of Freddie’s tongue tie and stayed with us for a long time after the procedure to ensure the division had been effective. Jackie has continued to check in afterwards which has been a great support. Freddie is now feeding so much better, my milk supply is up and everything feels a lot less overwhelming. Couldn’t recommend Jackie enough!

LW&JW Watford 8.23

“We ask Jackie to come round and help us overcome a few challenges with baby girl latching as we were told she has tongue tie. We were recommended Jackie by parents in our NCT class. Jackie arrived and before confirming if our baby had tongue tie she showed some new feeding positions. Well what a game changer that was! Not only could she latch properly but I was so comfortable I could sit there for hours with her. Since then we have been relying on the positions we learnt with Jackie and it turns out baby girl is putting on the weight she loss! Thank you so much Jackie.”CH&SH 7.23 Edgeware

We reached out to Jackie to assess our 1 week old baby as he was having trouble in breast feeding. Jackie was kind enough to accommodate an appointment quickly. She has a very systematic approach. She told us about things we should be ready with before the appointment. She was also clear on her fees. No hidden costs involved!
During the appointment, while assessing our baby, she also involved us by explaining how his tongue moves. Our baby’s salivary glands were too close to the frenum, hence she advised that the frenectomy be done in a clinic or a hospital instead of doing it at home. In the interim, Jackie helped me practice some positions to hold the baby correctly during feeding ( bottle feeding as well as breast feeding). It was for the first time during the appointment that I could feel my baby suck my breast well whilst Jackie was around. Never the less, I did struggle to breastfeed after she left, and had to resort to the use of nipple shield. But, having said that, the positions Jackie showed did help me better bottle feed the baby and breast feed (with the help of a nipple shield) till my baby’s frenectomy was performed at Hospital (roughly 6 weeks after birth). Thank you Jackie!! R&M Harrow 7.23


Hi Jackie, I always refer back to our WhatsApp’s when people ask me for feeding help and advice as you provided a lot of helpful info and it’s still great to pass on even now. I’ve definitely passed your details/page on to a few friends up the north west direction as well.
Not sure if you remember us now but I am so grateful for your help with C in those early weeks
She’s 18 months next week and we are still going strong with breastfeeding, no sign of quitting yet :)
Seen 2.22.
D&L Watford (7.23)

Working with Jackie has been a massive help! Our baby was latching but we thought it was quite shallow so wanted to get a professionals opinion as to whether she had a tongue tie or not. Jackie diagnosed that she might have a small tongue tie but because a small heart murmur was detected at birth, she advised against getting anything cut until she had been seen by the doctor. In the meantime, Jackie helped us out with multiple different feeding positions and how we can deepen the latch
, which worked perfectly! I no longer have sore nipples from a shallow latch and our baby is getting use to the new positions. She also gave us a tip on a different burping position which has been successful every single time we’ve used it and our baby loves the position. Jackie spent an entire morning working with us and made us feel heard, answered every question thoroughly, and helped dismiss any stresses or concerns we had about feeding. I couldn’t recommend working with Jackie more. AF&SS Kingsbury 7.23

My postpartum journey was difficult in the beginning but Jackie has helped me get through it all. When my newborn had a tongue tie she made a division for my daughters tongue. She ensured we carried out tongue exercises, good latch on the breast, breastfeeding positions and more until we done it right. Breastfeeding was incredibly painful for me but with all the support and help, the pain reduced massively. She helped me with all the tips and tricks to increase my milk. She has always been available to talk to when i get in touch and would always respond to me quickly when I really needed more questions. I couldn’t have asked for better advice or support from anyone else. Im so glad and thankful we had her as our tongue tie division provider.
RA&AA 7.23

Jackie has been a huge help and I couldn't be happier with her services. On the day of the visit, she was very thorough and professional. She diagnosed our baby to be borderline tongue-tie, and advised against cutting her. However, she helped baby and I with various breastfeeding techniques, which turned out to be the right thing to do, as I am now breastfeeding my baby without any issues. Recommend her!
Thanks Jackie!

M &L Watford 7.23

M &L Watford 7.23

Jackie was very knowledgeable and professional. She gave me a lot of advice on breastfeeding and solved my issues in one visit on breastfeeding. I initially got in touch with Jackie thinking my baby had tongue tie. But we didn't end of doing the tongue tie procedure as it was not necessary. Thank you Jackie for everything. I would recommend Jackie to anyone who needs her service. HS 7.23 Ruislip

We are so grateful for the support Jackie has provided  us and our son who was born 32 weeks (8 weeks early). He was born with a tongue tie and due to his prematurity he had trouble with latching- as a result he was suffering with reflux, vomiting after every feed.  We had two consultations with Jackie. The initial was a thorough assessment and support with latching and given exercises to support our son to improve his feeding while he grew big enough to have the tongue tie procedure. At our second consultation further support was given for my breast feeding and Jackie decided it was right to proceed with the tongue tie division.
It was amazing to see the immediate difference. He was able to poke his tongue out, clean his tongue from milk and comfortably latch.  His vomiting also settled as he was able to make a better seal around the mouth. We could also see the tension in is face had relaxed!!
What's so helpful is that all this was done in the comfort of our own home. It is apparent that Jackie's experience from being both qualified midwife and nurse makes her a great clinician to perform this procedure. Highly recommended. L&JR 6.23

Here is my testimonial for you; thanks again for your support and guidance during a time where everything was so fragile.

"Jackie was amazing. She came to our home and made my husband and I feel cared for and listened to during a time when things felt very fragile (day 3 PP). She explained the tongue tie procedure to us and we had no complications, our daughter barely noticed it had happened. Jackie then helped me with breastfeeding, helping my daughter and I to improve her latch and showed me positions to hold her that were way more comfortable than what I was doing before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Jackie, I would recommend you to any of my friends and family in a heartbeat.” - E& C 5/23 Northwood


We managed to find Jackie from the association of tongue-tie practitioners. After giving her a call, she swiftly sent us questions to answer and later that day visited our house. You could feel her positive energy as she was trying her best to help us get a good feed with our new born. She brought all her sterile equipment and overall and explained things step by step. Very professional. Our son is now feeding better than ever. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get tongue tie removed.
ZS, Ruislip, 04/2023

Hi Jackie, sorry I never managed a testimonial, I'm sure you understand what baby life is like! S is now 7 1/2 months and still feeding like a trooper, I've just filled out your testimonial...

We called Jackie at day 3 after a tongue tie was noticed at birth, she was thorough with her pre questioning ahead of the appointment and visited quickly. After a face to face assessment, a tie was found and we readied for the procedure. Jackie was professional and calm, she explained what could go wrong and made us feel at ease in what to do if it did. The tie resolution was quick (the baby was more bothered by being held down than the cut). She then spent a long time ensuring we had multiple positions down confidently. I wouldn't hesitate in using her again or recommending her to others. BP&DL 3.23. 9.22

Jackie was reassuring and thorough in her assessment of our baby’s tongue tie. She was very professional and helpful both before and after the division.
We found her advice about feeding non- judgemental, practical and supportive.
I would definitely recommend her. EG&PG Harrow 3.23

We contacted Jackie when our baby was three days old, as I was having major pain when feeding. It was our third baby, and I’d already looked up Jackie’s details before having the baby in case we had any tongue tie tissues. Jackie was able to come over the next day, and spent several hours at our home. She took a lot of time explaining the procedure and assessed our baby who was borderline tongue-tied. We decided not to go ahead with the procedure and instead focused on improving the positioning and attachment. We spent a lot of time trying different positions and it was immensely reassuring to find I could feed without any pain if I could just improve our attachment. I also took advice on how to rest and heal, and within a week I was feeding pain-free on both sides. My baby has been exclusively breastfed since birth and that is largely thanks to Jackie‘s amazing help. She was extremely compassionate and patient with us, and provided excellent after-care and was fully available for any questions. I definitely would recommend Jackie to all my friends if they have any issues with feeding or concerns around tongue tie. DG&MG Chiswick 2.23

Jackie was an immense help when I was having problems breastfeeding. Through adjustments to my positions to ensure a good latch I went from experiencing very painful feeding to hardly any pain when feeding.

Jackie was also able to do a next day follow up when I was experiencing teething problems with the new techniques and corrected these to set me on the right path.

Jackie also evaluated our little girl for tongue tie which was borderline, so we decided not to go ahead with the procedure.

Would 100% recommend Jackie, her knowledge and experience is an absolute life saver! She’s so helpful, very responsive and really lovely. Thanks Jackie! AB& NA 12.22 Harrow

We were told that our son may have a possible tongue tie in hospital and had issues with latching. We had contacted Jackie as we wanted someone to assess our newborn at home, which was very convenient for us .
Jackie was very kind and professional throughout the consultation and visit.
She had used appropriate PPE during the visit.
Jackie had listened to our concerns and was very informative and supportive. Ultimately, our son did not require a tongue tie division and had help with positioning and latching during feeds. We would definitely recommend Jackie’s service. FM&SH Hayes 12.22

Jackie has been amazing! Right from the time I first contacted her about my sons tongue tie, she replied promptly with all the information I enquired about and extra information about the procedure and ways to improve my sons latch and different techniques etc. When I decided I wanted to go ahead with the procedure and after a phone consultation with Jackie she was able to come the next day, great for her to be able to come to your home for convenience. Throughout the process she was very professional and the after care was very helpful, she even took time to assist my partner with different techniques of bottle feeding which has helped him and me. Overall my experience was great and would recommended Jackie if your looking into the procedure. EH& DC Hayes 12.22

Prompt and efficient service. Jackie provides a professional service and gave great practical advice as well as follow up that provides reassurance if any problems occur that she will help manage this without delay. KE&PY 12.22 Eastcote

My baby was 6 weeks old when I booked to see Jackie. I had tried everything to make breastfeeding work but it was painful and I lost hope. This was until someone recommended Jackie so I thought I’d give it one more shot. I contacted Jackie and she came the next day to my house which made me feel so much better that my baby was going to be seen so quickly, and that I didn’t have to travel anywhere with my newborn. Jackie thoroughly examined my baby’s tongue and suggested she had tongue tie. Before she done any procedure, she helped me with breastfeeding just to ensure there wasn’t another reason to the painful feeding. This reassured me as I didn’t want to straight away do the snip unless I had to. In the end the snip was done and baby stopped crying really quickly as Jackie prepped us in advance to have a bottle of milk ready. After Jackie left, she gave us tongue exercises to do with our baby and how to breast feed going forward. It’s now been 9 days since Jackie sorted the tongue tie and ever since then I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding with no pain. My baby has also put on a healthy 300g during that time which shows the feeding is going well and she’s getting enough milk. I can’t thank Jackie enough. I felt so disconnected to my baby before when I was bottle feeding her, but now we have such a special bond when it comes to feeding time on the breast. Thank you! HB&SP Ealing 12.22

I really recommend contacting Jackie if you have any concerns regarding tongue tie.
We found Jackie to be very caring, professional and efficient.
She responded to us extremely quickly and she went out of her way to ensure we had an appointment with her the following day. She came to our home which was outside her usual catchment area, for a modest increase in the very reasonable charge.
In addition to sorting our sons tongue tie, she always spent considerable time giving me advice on breastfeeding positions to improve the latch and make me much more comfortable.  AP&TB 11.22 Chesham

Thank you so much to Jackie for your swift response in responding to us and coming to see us the same day. You provided great support, were professional and we really appreciated your caring approach. We would highly recommend you to friends and family.PP&MP 11.22 Harrow

Jackie was great in coming to help us at very short notice. She was very professional and informative, talking us through the process before doing the tongue division, and staying with us for a long time afterwards to ensure that baby was feeding properly, going over different feeding positions. She was full of advice and suggestions, and made sure that Dad was as involved as Mum. Really pleased to have found Jackie to help us! TE&MC 10.22 Hanwell

" I highly recommend speaking to Jackie if you have any concerns regarding tongue tie.
Jackie responded to my initial query rapidly and within hours we had completed a thorough initial phone consultation and arranged an in-person appointment.
Jackie comes to your home, which is not only very convenient when you have a newborn but also puts you at ease. The assessment itself is thorough and Jackie explained every process and answered all questions I had.
My daughter’s assessment concluded that her tongue tie was minor enough to not need cutting, and Jackie provided invaluable advice regarding alternative breastfeeding positions to try to help improve my daughters latch.
Jackie was also diligent when it came to following up after the appointment, checking in to hear how about we were faring with feeding.
All in all I felt we were listened to and taken seriously throughout the entire process and cannot fault Jackie’s professionalism and speed of word. HP& RP 10.22 Harrow

"Jackie is a very professional nice and knowledgeable midwife , I am glad we have found you Jackie as you helped a lot with our newborn feeding , as well as moving me on from where I got stuck."

IC&SC 10.22 Hayes

‘We enquired about Jackie Hayward's services after receiving a diagnosis of a severe tongue tie when still in hospital with our newborn son. Jackie's communication was prompt and professional and she went out of her way to schedule our appointment in asap. The advice given by her was tremendously helpful and the procedure itself successful. After the procedure our son gained back weight rapidly and has been feeding successfully since. I would recommend Jackie Hayward’s services to any parents dealing with similar issues’
AK&TK South Harrow 10.22

Jackie offered both my husband and I continual support when we reached out to her with our feeding challenges. Performing a thorough assessment of our situation Jackie reviewed our son’s tongue tie and provided guidance on stimulating my milk supply and optimising my feeding positions. Ultimately we decided a procedure wasn’t the right course of action for us yet with Jackie’s support our baby is now gaining weight. CF&AF 10.22 Watford

Testimonial: "Jackie came to our house and carried out a tongue tie division on our son. Jackie was very professional and carried out a full assessment prior to the division. Once complete Jackie spent time with us to review our feeding technique and gave us lots of advice which has helped to improved things. I would thoroughly recommend Jackie."K and N Watford 10.22

"I would highly recommend Jackie Hayward to anyone.
Having Jackie come to your home instantly takes an element of stress away from a difficult situation for both you and your child.
The removal of a clinical setting coupled with an amiable, professional and friendly manner for the assessment and procedure helps immensely to relax and reassure.
The procedure itself was incredibly quick and the change in our daughter was noticeable almost instantly.
She had struggled with feeds from birth due to her tongue tie and was visibly stressed when feeding. She is so much happier since this was removed and we are so grateful for the help Jackie gave us!"

AH&SY 9.22 Watford

Jackie was great very professional and knowledgeable with supporting me with breast feeding tips and techniques. Also my baby had a tongue tie that was treated successfully, Jackie even came back to review my child. No issues ever since and will highly recommend to other families. NL&KL Watford 9.22

"We turned to Jackie for support as our baby was born with a tongue tie and had lost a dramatic amount of his birth weight. The wait to be seen by the NHS was considerable so we felt this was our best route to get the issue resolved. She sent all her very thorough documentation through to us very quickly after initial contact and were were able to arrange an appointment within a few days. The actual division took no time at all and Jackie’s manner was very reassuring. In addition she also offered latching on support and help for different positions (football hold & safe lying down feeding) which was gratefully received.  She also checked in with us in the days after."

  KS&SL 9.22 Bushey

"We contacted Jackie about a tongue tie for our little boy and she was quick to respond. We were able to book a appt as soon as possible. During the home visit she explained to us what she was doing the whole time and was able to help with breastfeeding. she patiently explained and demoed different breastfeeding positions and explained how to find the proper latch to avoid discomfort. She also answered all our questions very patiently and gave us more information to help us with our sons situation."

H&A Wembley 8.22.

Thank you so much for the amazing feeding advice and support and taking the time to assess our daughter's tongue function. Since your visit there has been a huge improvement and we are so pleased! Recommend to anyone concerned about their baby feeding and tongue issues!

M&A 8.22

Jackie offered a very professional yet personal service. She was very informative and offered us lots of advice during and after. Our son’s cut healed very well. She fit us into her schedule very quickly and was very attentive.

She did suggest that we have any pets or other siblings out the house if at all possible and that was probably the best advice as it meant we could all concentrate and there were no distractions. Would highly recommend her services. R&R Watford 8.22

We contacted Jackie about a tongue tie for our little boy and she was quick to respond. We were able to book a appt as soon as possible. During the home visit she explained to us what she was doing the whole time and was able to help with breastfeeding. she patiently explained and demoed different breastfeeding positions and explained how to find the proper latch to avoid discomfort. She also answered all our questions very patiently and gave us more information to help us with our sons situation. H&A Wembley 8.22.

Jackie was an amazing help to me and my baby. She was able to come the same day which was fantastic, she was very thorough with the information on the tongue tie and talked us through it, after it was complete Jackie stayed and helped us with lots of breastfeeding positions which have been so helpful. You can see Jackie is very passionate about what she does and we are very greatful for her help. A&D Chalfont St. Peter 7.22

Jackie was amazing and a great help to me and my baby. Jackie came to my home and gave my baby a thorough check up to assess his tongue tie and to also help me with feeding. All of Jackie's words and advice were reassuring and kind. Jackie has also been a great support after and is always very helpful and quick to respond. My son is feeding much better now thanks to Jackie, thank you! D&R Pinner 7.22

Jackie was absolutely amazing. She came to my home and gave my baby a thorough check up for her tongue tie. After she assessed she gave me step by step advice on what to do next. So much information was given for me to not to freak out as a new mommy. Recomended the best treatment for my little one. I also appreciated that she constantly checks in on me and continues to advise me after my daughters procedure. Ensuring I have her full support. Highly recommended!!” MA 6.22 Wembley

'Jackie has been a tremendous help at helping me improve the feeding of my baby. She helped diagnose and perform his tongue tie procedure. And then taught me different feeding positions and latching techniques. At the end she wrote out a clear feeding schedule.' ZJ June 22. Sw16


'Jackie was great form the first contact to the follow up post appointment.

It made the process and decision really easy as Jackie explained the steps taken to assess what action was needed.

There was a robust assessment, consultation and the procedure itself which both my husband and I were made to feel comfortable. I would really recommend any parent to have a consultation with Jackie. The after care of feeding was really useful in itself and it made feeding my baby much more relaxing and comfortable with the tips given.

I was left with lots of videos and photos so I can look back and check positioning which has helped me no end.'

C&N Bushey 6.22​

'We contacted Jackie about our little boy's posterior tongue tie. She was extremely quick to respond and very reassuring and knowledgeable. At the home visit she explained what she was doing at all times and performed a division with relatively little fuss from our boy. Spent a lot of time going through different breastfeeding positions and how to get the right latch. She adhered strictly to hygiene and consent rules at all times. She was also very patient in answering all our questions and providing further information to better help us and our child.' S&M Harrow.6.22

'I was recommended Jackie from one of my NCT mums. In spite of Jackie being on holiday at the time she was extremely helpful setting me up with her colleague in her absence. She appreciated the urgency in my situation, subsequently her colleague (Claire) came to see me shortly after my first enquiry.

She was fantastic, generous with her time and very fair. She explained her opinion clearly and honest with her diagnosis. As it wasn’t 100% safe to carry out a procedure at home she advised me to see another consultant for a second option (Sarah) at their practice which I did. In the end the issue was neck related so there ended up being no need for the tie procedure. They recommended an Osteo (Kerri) who solved the issue in 4 sessions. I appreciate the consideration that went into diagnosing my child, as everyone involved were keen to explore all possibilities rather than just cut the tie straight away. Brilliant service, everyone involved were top standard and excellent at handling my son.' J. Edgeware. 5.22


'I highly recommend Jackie. She is a very experienced and professional midwife. My newborn baby boy had a tongue tie. Jackie did the division for him and breastfeeding was much better after that, along with the techniques she taught me. Jackie gave me and my husband lots of essential advises, crucial as we were parents for the first time. Thank you, Jackie!' K.Ruislip. 4.22

'I contacted a few tongue tie practitioners before coming across you. I went with you due to your warm, friendly and extremely flexible approach. I am so grateful for the much-needed guidance you have before we’d even met.

Thank you for taking care of me my baby during and after the frenectomy procedure and providing me with some really helpful latching tips and advice, as well as following up afterwards to check that my baby was making good progress. I’ll definitely be recommending you to others!' H&S Colindale 4.22

'Jackie responded very quickly to our query regarding our newborn’s tongue tie. Jackie was very thorough with the initial consultation. She arranged for a home visit (which was much more convenient for us) and carried out the procedure quickly and efficiently. Jackie’s knowledge and tips on breastfeeding was great. By the end of her visit I was much more confident in the different feeding positions & could feel and see the result of the procedure immediately. I would highly recommend her services!' R&J Harrow 4.22

'Jackie responded very quickly to our query regarding our newborn’s tongue tie. Jackie was very thorough with the initial consultation. She arranged for a home visit (which was much more convenient for us) and carried out the procedure quickly and efficiently. Jackie’s knowledge and tips on breastfeeding was great. By the end of her visit I was much more confident in the different feeding positions & could feel and see the result of the procedure immediately. I would highly recommend her services!' R&J Ruislip 4.22

'I’m so grateful to Jackie for sorting out our little boy’s tongue tie when he was just a few days old. She went out of her way to see us as quickly as she could. She provided reassurance for the procedure, which went very smoothly, and great advice for establishing breastfeeding.' O&M St Albans 4.22

'I contacted a few tongue tie practitioners before coming across you. I went with you due to your warm, friendly and extremely flexible approach. I am so grateful for the much-needed guidance you have before we’d even met.

Thank you for taking care of me my baby during and after the frenectomy procedure and providing me with some really helpful latching tips and advice, as well as following up afterwards to check that my baby was making good progress. I’ll definitely be recommending you to others!' H&S Watford 4.22

‘Jackie was incredibly responsive and helpful in diagnosing our baby’s tongue tie and resolving the issue. She also provided tips for breastfeeding and provided follow on support in the following weeks. We would highly recommend Jackie.’ A. W3. 3.22


'Big thank you to Jackie who removed my son's tongue tie. Jackie was really professional from the moment we reached out and made sure to do all the correct checks before going ahead with procedure. Before the appointment, we was made aware of what will happen at our appointment and Jackie's background, as well as a chance to ask any questions. Jackie also supported me with breastfeeding positions and tips on how to make sure we have the best latch. I was also massively impressed how involved Jackie made my partner feel throughout the call/session, which in many appointments he can be left out. We've now started working together a lot better on the breast feeding journey for our son - as he is able to support me better. Thank you!' B&L 3.22 Watford


'I always wanted to breastfeed even before we had baby. But when it eventually happened I didn’t know how to latch her on correctly. We also being told that our girl could have tongue tie. That’s why we asked Jackie to give us a visit. She was very professional and baby felt safe around her. I liked that Jackie didn’t push for tongue tie procedure she made sure that it was absolutely necessary. Jackie explained proper breastfeeding positions and she made sure that I got it right. I felt much more confident when she left. I don’t say that I use all breastfeeding positions she showed I picked one baby feels comfortable with. I am still glad that we found Jackie. She helped us a lot.' G&K 2.22 Acton

'I reached out to Jackie when I realised my son had tongue at 6 weeks old. From the first call I had with Jackie she was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and made sure I understood the impacts of tongue tie. She booked the appointment within 4 days of me reaching out to her, which was perfect as I wanted it sorted asap. When it came to the appointment Jackie explained the whole process really well, and made us feel completely as ease, as it’s not nice for any parent to see the tongue tie being cut. After the process she spent a lot of time with me to make sure my son got the latch right, and was feeding well. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking for a tongue tie specialist.' .M&D 1.22 Pinner

'Jackie was very professional throughout the tongue tie procedure itself and during the pre assessment. It was evident very early on that Jackie was very knowledgeable in the area and had many years of experience. This was very reassuring for my husband and I. Jackie made us feel comfortable and addressed any concerns and questions we had. She was supportive throughout and overall provided a good service. Thank you.'


'Jackie carried herself professionally and respectfully at all times. She was very educated and helped reassure me with everything I needed assistance with. She also made sure that my mum was very well informed and involved throughout the procedure so that I have support once she was gone. Jackie went over and beyond with helping me with feeding techniques and my dietary advice. I would 100% recommend Jackie’s service. ' Stanmore 1.22



'Jackie explained everything that would happen. Yes, very helpful advice and guidance. Well, breast in the main and now weaning.' Baby is 7 months 1.22


"I rang Jackie three days before Christmas hoping for a last minute appointment but not expecting to get one, as my 5 day old was not feeding properly or gaining weight, and was recommended a tongue tie division by the midwife. Jackie sent through the questions needed immediately and was able to come by that same evening; outside of normal working hours, which was amazing. She first worked on feeding positions which already improved his ability to latch. She attempted a tongue tie but his frenulum was so fused to the bottom of his mouth that the cut was not able to separate the tongue much and the risk of bleeding too great to be done outside of a hospital setting. She showed us some exercises to help strengthen and stretch his tongue and recommended a cranial osteopath to help release some further tension in his neck and jaw. She then developed a feeding plan including topping up with expressed milk. The combination of therapies helped him to start gaining weight, and by day 15 he had surpassed his birthweight by 100g. We are not planning on having a further surgery in a hospital as the techniques seem to be working at present. We’re so grateful for Jackie for coming out to us on such short notice and saving us from giving up on breast feeding." K&D Chorleywood 12/21.


‘Jackie was really helpful and understanding when we faced issues with breastfeeding our son. She not only assisted with his tongue tie but gave some really useful advice which I didn’t get from the midwives/hospital staff as they tend to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to feeding. I’d definitely recommend her, especially to first timers like us!’ S&G 12.21


"Our son had a very prominent tongue tie and Jackie came to our house 10 days after he was born to correct it.

Jackie was very informative and ensured we knew what to expect. She was great with us, our son and stayed with us after the procedure to give support and advice while I was breastfeeding.

The procedure itself was over very quick! Jackie was very supportive from the moment we first contacted her and kept in contact afterwards to make sure we were all doing OK. Thanks Jackie!" From 7.21 Entered 1.22. L&D Watford


‘Jackie was very responsive and came to see us the same afternoon, which was great as we were really struggling with breast feeding at the time and it was quite painful. Jackie provided us with all the necessary information and was able to explain and show our daughter’s tongue tie and carried out the procedure swiftly and painlessly for our daughter. She then stayed and helped by offering advice on breastfeeding positions and how to get the most effective latch. Finally Jackie followed up the visit with lots of resources for us to refer back to, as well as checking in on us after a few days to see how things were going. We really appreciated Jackie’s help!’

Happy New Year! ' T&L Ruislip. 12/21. From 7/21.


'We found Jackie's name recommended by a couple of Moms in a local parent group in Facebook and ATP website, when we were looking for a tongue tie specialist in our area. Had an initial consultation with Jackie through phone calls and video calls to assess my baby's tongue tie. On the day of the procedure, she was very professional. She explained what was to be done, what is to be expected, the aftercare as well as if the procedure did not attain the outcome we wanted. She allowed us to express our concerns as well as answer our questions. The actual procedure was done efficiently. My daughter cried more due to the fact that she was being held down more than the actual tongue snip. Jackie also taught me breastfeeding techniques as I was initially not able to successfully breastfeed my baby. She was very patient and involved my husband in making sure that we are doing it as a team.

Also, Jackie's follow up was commendable. Every few days or so she was making sure that baby and I were doing well - both in breastfeeding and regarding the tongue snip.

Jackie also adhered to the COVID Protocols especially that she is dealing with newborns.

I could not recommend Jackie enough. Thank you Jackie. '

- Gez Watford 6/12/21.


'Jackie was brilliant and resolved the tongue-tie issue in a very expert and reassuring manner. As new parents, we appreciated her professionalism and wealth of knowledge that she kindly imparted, especially with the practicalities of breast feeding techniques. We would highly recommend Jackie!' K&S Ruislip 7/21.


'Jackie was recommended to us and after using her services we can say that she is very professional and is an expert in her field. Information and guidance that she has given us was invaluable and it was very clear from her approach that she is very knowledgeable. Her delivery is very direct and efficient. Even after the session Jackie continued to follow up on our progress and it was evident from our conversations that she really cares about her clients. She even provided additional information that was outside of the scope of her services and we are really greateful for this. We would strongly recommend her services.' B&P Watford 11/21.


'Jackie was really helpful and understanding when we faced issues with breastfeeding our son. She not only assisted with his tongue tie but gave some really useful advice which I didn’t get from the midwives/hospital staff as they tend to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to feeding. I’d definitely recommend her, especially to first timers like us!’ S&G Chalfont St. Peter 11/21


“We noticed an improvement immediately in our little ones feeding after Jackie performed a Tonguetie division on him at eight days old. The improved efficiency of feeds was evidenced in his increased weight gain over subsequent days and gave us , as new parents, confidence that we’d made the right decision in getting the division done. Thank you Jackie also for the breastfeeding support and guidance, we feel like we’re much better equipped than we were before.” S&J 12/2021


“Lots more movement since the division and easier to get up his gas, which is a lot less aswell”. ND Ruislip 12/2021


“ things are going well thanks, I think the latch has gotten much better/ more comfortable over the last couple of days. E is definitely moving her tongue better and feeding times are much quicker now ( which is great, particularly in the middle of the night!) " P&E 12/2021


“Feeding improved a lot, following exercises before every feed. Thanks for following up.Thank you very much! It is great help!” JL Greenwich 10/2021


"Jackie saved my breastfeeding journey. My daughter was diagnosed with tongue tie after spending five nights in hospital with unexplainable weight loss. We contacted Jackie who came out as soon as I was discharged from hospital. It was the peak of the pandemic and Jackie wore full PPE. She then offered substantive breastfeeding support where she showed me different positions and techniques. I even asked her to come back to visit me for two further consultations. Thank you so much Jackie" seen 2/21. Written 12/21. G&C.


"I was recommended Jackie by a friend from NCT classes for help with breast feeding. She was incredibly thorough throughout from the initial messages, questions she sent over for us to answer, initial phone consultation, the visit for a face to face review, practical help and advice. It’s obvious that Jackie is an expert in this area. At no time did we feel like we were on the clock and feel we got our money’s worth (there is a fee for the phone consultation and the visit, if one is needed).

The help included plenty of hands on whilst following all the usual sensible covid precautions. Lots of recommendations were given, with links and more information sent during and shortly after the visit. Plus follow-up’s to see how we are getting on.

We can highly recommend Jackie if you’re struggling with any element of breast-feeding to help get you on track." M&N 12.21 St Albans.

'We found Jackie to be a calm, considerate, clinical professional who managed to solve the tongue-tied trauma that our son was suffering from and make the process for the whole family as stress free as possibly. I would recommend Jackie to other parents in the same situation. ' Dec 21 L&A . Watford

'' Testimonial - HS (written while breastfeeding 😂)

The help Jackie gave us far exceeded the successful tongue tie procedure she conducted - hugely generous and flexible with her time, Jackie provided exceptional breastfeeding technique pointers and guidance on further treatment my baby is already greatly benefiting from. She wore full PPE during the whole visit and maintained only the highest of hygiene standards. Couldn’t thank you more Jackie! Highly highly recommend 😊" W4, 10.2020

'Jackie Hayward RM/RN was a fantastic midwife. Throughout, she wore PPE and fully abided by protocols.

She fully explained and supported me and my wife with a feeding plan. She further helped with positions and sustainability, included with food and sleep. She also provided exercises and advice on osteopathy. Moreover, she kindly informed us that she would be available to contact and revisit if required. We would absolutely recommend her! Best.' A&Z Greenford, 12.2020

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