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First contact

Each appointment requires you to complete and return a series of detailed questions/ answers in the preassessment questionnaire,  a video of feeding and crying if possible and £50 payment which will book your phone consultation and  secure your homevisit appointment. 

We will then arrange a phone consultation and home visit .

Language and translation services 

Family and or friends who can read and understand English well and can be present for the full appointment (phone and home visit is preferred. who understand the risks associated with the appointment and the parent(s) 

Google translate is free and  possible but not ideal as it takes time.

Any paid translation service will be booked and paid for by the client. Timings agreed with parents and Jackie Hayward. 

Online examples but there are many:



translation services are client choice and responsibility

Phone Consultation

The phone consultation will be booked at a mutually convenient time, ideally with both parents and myself.  We will review your replies and discuss some aspects further.

Next we will arrange a mutually agreed time for the home visit with both parents or someone who will support mum and help with holding baby for the procedure if we go ahead.  if available please complete lateral flow tests before the home visit and send them over to me. 

Before I come 

Please prepare with....

Notes and redbook and baby ID  stickers available.

Milk , shields where necessary and muslin are  sterilised/prepared and available.

Changing mat and blanket to swaddle for the examination and procedure.

Where we will feed afterward

Table clear and with a chair for you to sit on to help me and good lighting. 

Clear floors.

At home 
When I arrive we will try and arrange this for when  baby is asleep before his/her next feed.

Please let me know when the previous feed ends to clarify  the time I am due to arrive approximately.

I will change and wash my hands and ask you to read and sign the consent form. 

I will have a quick look that all is prepared for the appointment.

Table cleared and chair access available for whoever is helping me and watch positioning beforehand if possible. 

iiiii I shall watch and assist with feeding as needed and Tonguetie assessment before moving onto the consent if not already completed. 
We will then agree a plan re feeding and  or whe to go ahead with the division at that time and or wait a while and practice feeding techniques, latch  and or involve a cranial  osteopath before or after division. 

I will help you with feeding after the division, help you with positions, show you/ demonstrate exercises for you to help baby improve feeding and tongue and mouth mobility and leave you with the ATP aftercare leaflet and my guidance for exercises  aswell. 

Often I suggest that you take some photos of the different positions and latching so that you can reference them at home to help later should you need to review the techniques. 

I will complete my notes, help further and leave you with a summary of the appointment, exercises, and instructions to help maximise the benefit of the appointment. 

I prefer that you  make  the final payment before I leave, then we both know its gone through.

I will contact you at 2 to 3 days afterwards,  to check on feeding and exercises and approximately day 7, to check the same and COVID symptoms. 

Should you need to contact me for help or advice please do. I will try to reply the same day but this may not always be possible. Please do try again should I miss contacting you. 

All revisits are £100. (extra £40 if over 10 miles) 

Sometimes extra help is required to improve feeding techniques. 

Please call or send a message if you need further help. 

Appointment costs breakdown: Travel, business car insurance, equipment, time and skills, personal and public liability costs, NMC registration fees, ICO costs, memberships to ATP and website.

Concerns or complaints 

If you feel the need to raise a concern or complaint please email me directly at or the ATP chair

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