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I’ve been a midwife 18 years and before that  a community and neuro nurse for  6 years. 


As a community midwife for many years, I’ve assisted mums and families in their new postnatal period from feeding to reassurance and referrals as needed to keep you both safe in the early days at home. I have worked in case loading, caring for mums and families at the beginning of the pregnancy,  throughout until 28 days postnatally. Case loading is a special period of time for mums and midwives. I treasured each one. 


I've worked in labour ward, birth centre, day assessment units, theatre, triage, postnatal and antenatal wards and community clinics. Also experience with the multidisciplinary teams of Drs, anaesthetists, physios, Gps, social workers, nursery nurses, special care staff, twin specialists, and bereavement.

Hospitals are busy and often with not enough staff ratios to give you  enough time to support your start with feeding. This is unfortunate but not intentional,  which is why I like to take uninterrupted time with you at home. Upto 1.5 hrs as needed to help you both holistically. 

I can help you with different feeding positions, from traditional sitting and cross craddle, rugby, biological, laying down and ways to support your milk production,  hand expression, mechanical and electric  pumping , haaka collection and sterilizing if needed. 

As a tonguetie practitioner I’ve helped with feeding and Tonguetie division since 2008.  
I do homevisits  for feeding and tonguetie problems and registered with ATP/CQC/ Hiscox. 


A Toddler and a Baby


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