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Sleeping Newborn


Appointment type 1) 

Initial phone consultation. £50 ( non refundable). ( average 30-45 mins) 

Home visit £110. Feeding support  and tongue function assessment.  (1-1.5hrs with or without division depending on need)

£50 Tonguetie division 

Appointment type 2) 

Initial phone consultation. £50 ( non refundable). 

Home visit £110. Feeding support  and tongue function assessment. (average 1-1.5 hours) (no division)

Appointments type 3)

All revisits to assist with feeding,  £100 , with or without division or revision. 

Appointment type 4) 

Breastfeeding at home support only £110 ( 1 hour) 

Please note:


Phone consultation £50 each twin (non refundable).

Twin 2 home consultation will be 25% less for the homevisit charge  if both twins are assessed and or  treated.

If only one twin assessed and treated, prices revert to singleton visit prices above.

Each visit over 10miles from my  registered business base. Harrow. Will incur  an  extra £40.


Cancelling a phone consultation  within 24 hours will incur the full phone consultation cost £50

Cancelling the home visit within 48 hrs  will incur 50% of the  home visit charge £80 

Moving an appointment within 24 hrs  will incur a £25 charge  for each one rearranged 

(My costing structure  includes, clinical skills,  memberships, insurances, travel, equipment, tax, registration fees).

Girl with Wooden Blocks


Full member of ATP Association of Tonguetie Practitioners 
NMC 87y2484e ( nurse/ midwife)
DBS registered C3927098520
CQC registered as Tonguetie Jackie. 18.3.2020
Hiscox insurance public liability and professional indemnity HEJY59PI01/  & PL01/PL-PSC04009230191.
ICO registered 

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